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FOR SURFING, KAYAKING, LIFEGUARDING, SNORKELING, MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDING, HORSE RIDING, TEAM BUILDING & ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVITIES click HERE or the 'SPECIALISED ACTIVITIES' tab on the left sub column of this page! Perfect for all groups, including senior schools!!!


General Activities (onsite):



Undercover area
Safe (confined area) with two targets.
Easy to conduct- assistance available.
New equipment- securely stored.
Quick improvement by students after correct instruction.
Introduce FUN challenges such as individual & small group competitions e.g. popping balloons.

Low Ropes Course

Low Ropes Course  
   11 elements
  Challenging & fun
   Professionally built by Outdoor Initiatives.
   Safety briefing & instructions provided.
   Helps develop confidence, cooperation, self esteem & team work.
   Good for motor skill refinement.
   Ropes Course Plan on display at camp.

Eagle's Nest Walk (Environmental Discovery Walk)

   Wedge Tailed Eagle's Nest (Eyrie) located on the property - fascinating & huge.
   Easy to follow self-guided walk with environmental points of interest along the way.
   Laminated Teachers / Leaders notes provided.
    Designed to fit in as a rotational activity or a single  group activity. Perfect upon arrival!
    Sketch, write, discuss & observe. A wonderful teaching opportunity.
    Keep an eye out for the Eagle during your stay.
Eagle's Nest Walk - (Environmental Discovery Walk)


  Challenging, fun & educational.
   Easy to lead - Coastal Forest Lodge staff will brief your teachers.
   Variety of courses for different year levels - all set up & ready to go.
   Master sheets provided in Teacher Kit (pre camp).
   Students can work individually or in pairs.
   Develops observational & map reading skills.


Enjoy the properties natural beauty  for bushwalks including the Boundary Rider,  Eagle's Nest & East-West Treks. Plus an amazing NIGHT WALK!
Across the road from Coastal Forest Lodge is the National Heritage Heathland area & the Forest Road Flora Reserve.
Anglesea Bushwalk - enjoy the hike from the Coastal Forest Lodge to Coogooarah Park in Anglesea (6km).
Have a picnic lunch (CFL supplied)  & then stroll along the riverbank to the main beach for fun & games.
Also available surfing with Go Ride a Wave, environmental activities with  Eco Logic & mountain bike riding with GORATS.
Coastal Forest Lodge provides a guide to lead the Anglesea Bushwalk & a free bus trip back to camp at end of day! (Only for catered school group bookings).

Friendly Petting Paddock:

saskia petting paddock  
Educational: learn to care for farm animals & the enviroment!
Friendly ponies, sheep, cattle & beautiful alpacas. 
CFL staff lead.
Feed, brush & pat our friendly farm animals plus play on the safe ROUND HAY BALES! A big winner!!!
Learn how animals communicate. 
Safe, fun & very reawarding for those who have had little interaction with farm animals

Initative Activities

   Challenging, small group problem solving activities -Spiders web, Magic Hoop, All Aboard & Pole Shuffle.
   Briefing & laminated teachers notes provided.
   Develops confidence, cooperation, teamwork & thinking skills.
Initiative Activities

Art & Craft

& Craft  
Use natural materials from the camps environment or a combination of natural & artificial materials to create:
Nutty creatures, Rock Monsters, Mobiles, Collages, Leaf bookmarks, Drawings and sketches, Aboriginal dot paintings & Kites - plenty of space to fly.
Schools must provide art materials required.


Fire preperation, safety, food preparation & cooking.
Bush Cooking: make yummy damper twists with butter & jam!
Helps develop fire & safety awareness, environmental awareness & cooperative skills.
A popular & enjoyable activity (available as per Fire Season Declaration & weather conditions).
Bush Craft

Mini Golf

PAR 20 - 9 hole course - undercover.
Challenging, colourful & enjoyable.
Equipment provided.
Use as a single rotational activity or with archery. Also available as an extra after dinner activity (must be supervised).
Award a certificate to the Coastal Forest Lodge Mini Golf Champ!

Bush Shelters

Construction of shelters using natural materials.
Challenging & enjoyable.
Helps develop teamwork & cooperation.
Promotes awareness of the natural environment - no damage/ destruction policy- use only fallen timber or leaves etc.
Current issues-  discuss the diversity of how a variety of people live & survive around the world.
Set the water test and see who has built the most waterproof shelter.





Bush Shelters



Photo Trail

Fantastic camp navigation & familiarisation
Challenging & fun
All set up & ready to go - easy to lead
Safety briefing & instructions provided.
Students can work individually or in pairs.
Has been revised & extended.

Master sheets provided in Teacher Kit (pre cam



Postcard Writing

CFL postcard  
Enhance communcation skills.
Practice writing skills
Reflect & share camp experiences with family & friends.
Perfect evening activity (complete on the first night & CFL will send the postcards, to hopefully arrive home before the students do).
Rewarding & engaging.















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